Call for Research Night Speakers


There’s still plenty of available spots to sign up and present at our research night event, so we’d like to invite all WIM faculty to present if interested.

WIM will be hosting a research night to showcase mathematics research done by women at UCLA. We are inviting women at various stages in the department, from undergraduate to graduate to faculty, to present research and/or attend the talks. We are a trans inclusive and non-binary inclusive, and welcome anyone who would like to try out the Women in Math space. We’re hoping to showcase what people are doing in the department, and also get the undergraduate women interested in research and to consider it in their career plans.

The event will be on Tuesday May 4th starting at 5 pm PDT. Please mark your calendar if you’d like to present or attend. Zoom details will be sent soon. It will be about 1 hour of informal research presentations, followed by breakout rooms for a chance to meet each other and ask any additional questions to the speakers.

The presentations are informal and the format will be 5 minutes per presenter, with a target of about 4 minutes to present an overview of some research project you are working on or have worked on, and 1 minute to answer 1-2 audience questions. 

We are looking for people who are interested in presenting. Presenters will be determined based on who responds first, and also with the goal of representing different areas of mathematics and different research groups. We also want to reserve some spots for undergraduates to present, and if there’s anyone you know of who’d be interested, please let them know and forward them the email/form.

If you are interested in presenting, please fill out this short google form by Tuesday April 20 at midnight:

Please submit the form if you’re interested in presenting, and email us if you have any suggestions or comments on planning the event.

Thank you,

Abby, Cecilia, Kate, Grace

On behalf of WIM

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