Call for Student Applications: 2022 LGBTQS “Q-Scholars” Conference

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies Program (LGBTQS) is accepting applications for Student Organizers of the 2022 “Q-Scholars” Conference. Over the Winter and Spring 2022 quarters, the main responsibilities of the Student Organizers will be to plan and facilitate the 2022 “Q-Scholar” Conference in conjunction with UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Week, which will occur May 23-27, 2022. Over the Winter and Spring 2022 quarters, the Student Organizers will plan an academic conference at which members have the opportunity to develop and present research at a formal symposium and present vital research on LGBTQIA2+ populations to their peers and the public. 

“Q-Scholars” is a student-run conference that strives to give self-identifying LGBTQIA2+ undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in and present research that focuses on LGBTQIA2+ themes and issues that are not given an active platform in academia.

Application Deadline: 8:00 AM PST on Monday, January 17th

Applicant Interviews (Via Zoom): Week of January 24th – 28th


Selected Student Organizers will be responsible for creating the theme for the 2022 Q-Scholars Conference. Themes from previous conferences have tackled LGBTQIA2+ themes relative to current community issues such as “Our Existence is Resistance: [Art]iculating Our Lives, Identities, and Activism in the New Millennium.” 

While we are particularly interested in applications from candidates with strong research and/or activism experience, we invite all UCLA students with an interest in LGBTQIA2+ issues to apply.

The selected applicants will have the opportunity to collaborate with LGBTQ Studies Chair, Professor Mitchell Morris, in refining the conference theme and developing a program that makes a significant contribution to LGBTQ Studies.

Selected Student Organizers will receive LGBTQS 197 independent study course credit in both the Winter and Spring 2022 quarters. Unit value for LGBTQS 197 will range from 2.0 to 4.0 depending on number of hours per week in each quarter spent on conference planning and preparations.


Under the supervision of the LGBTQS Director and Management Services Officer and in collaboration with the LGBTQS Program and Research Developer, the Conference Coordinator will:

  • Plan and oversee an interdisciplinary conference
  • Develop and implement plans that will aid the conference goal of serving students and contributing to LGBTQ+ research
  • Head the conference selection and program committee
  • Curate conference abstracts and papers
  • Review and critique submissions
  • Lead and prepare agendas for conference planning meetings
  • Write and prepare conference documents, including but not limited to calls for submissions, publicity materials, manuals, etc.
  • Build and engage with a network of prominent scholars and administrators to create an interdisciplinary program
  • Develop cross-campus fundraising strategies and hone academic development skills
  • Interact with high-level university administrators
  • Spearhead outreach initiatives


  • Registered UCLA student in 2021–2022 academic year
  • Experience organizing or participating in research conferences
  • Demonstrated ability to lead networking, fundraising, and outreach initiatives
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and to collaborate during meetings and discussions
  • Strong organizational skills, including:
  • Demonstrated ability to set and meet deadlines and priorities
  • Ability to organize and present information effectively and concisely
  • Ability to set and maintain a reliable work schedule

Research interests are related to the conference theme and compatible with LGBTQ Studies’ core research on the historical and contemporary experiences of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people. We encourage students in any discipline to apply.


The following materials are required when submitting your application: 

  • Cover letter
    • Please address why you want to volunteer for the conference; what role would you like to take on; and any ideas for a conference theme based on your UCLA course history or individualized research 
  • Resume 
  • Unofficial UCLA transcript
  • List of references
    • Provide at least two references (name, title, contact information, relation to applicant), one of whom must be a UCLA faculty or lecturer. We advise that references be able to comment on your research aptitude and organizational skills

If selected for an interview, please be prepared to suggest and discuss possible sessions related to the theme, speakers, outreach and fundraising strategies, and formats for the conference.


Please submit your application online via email to:  

Application Deadline: 8:00 AM PST on Monday, January 17th

Applicant Interviews (Via Zoom): Week of January 24th – 28th

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