Enrollment Updates + Updated Thanksgiving Break hours

Dear Math Majors,

I hope this message finds you all well. This update contains the following info below:

  1. Math 19 course enrollment
  2. Cal Teach / Math 74XP enrollment
  3. Thanksgiving break hours of operations
  4. PIC 16A Enrollment
  5. Math 118 Enrollment

Prof. Andrea Bertozzi’s Math 19 course: MATH 19 – COVID-19: Spread and Impact of Coronavirus at Different Scales

Course Description: Study combines basic mathematical models with news articles about spread and impact of COVID-19. Students learn how to analyze exponential growth, and to work with simple epidemic models using nothing more than Excel spreadsheets. Students learn how to critically read reports on epidemic models and critically look at data, including reports generated for pandemic in Los Angeles County and historical data from 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Class discussions cover ongoing pandemic and impact of disease on society, as well as impact of distancing measures.

Math 19 Seminar 2 is restricted to freshmen only during second pass. On November 30th, this course will be available to all students. This is a great opportunity to take a fiat lux and get to know distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Andrea Bertozzi, who runs the Summer Applied Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. For students who wish to learn more about Prof. Andrea Bertozzi, please visit her website: https://www.math.ucla.edu/~bertozzi/

For students interested in Math 74XP:

UCLA Cal Teach is now accepting applications for our Winter Quarter 2021 seminars and internships!

We offer UCLA undergraduate math, science, and engineering majors the opportunity to explore teaching as a career.

Specifically, our quarterly seminars include internships in K-12 schools where you can help out with math and science activities, interact with kids, learn about teaching, and observe different teachers in action.

 We are offering the following math course (with internship) for Winter 2021:

1)         Math 74XP (Elementary School, Math Focus) – 3 units, pass/no pass

And the following two science courses (with internships):

1)         Science Education 100XP (High School, Science Focus) – 5 units, letter grade

2)         Science Education 1XP (Elementary School, Science Focus) – 2 units, pass/no pass

The seminar portion will meet once per week, and will be ONLINE.

The elementary school courses will be associated with a total of 20 hours of engagement at our partner elementary schools (~2-3 hours per week). The high school course will be associated with a total of 24 hours of engagement at our partner high schools (~3 hours per week). All school visits will be ONLINE through the remote learning component of the schools.

If you (or one of your friends) is interested in applying, please go to our web site to learn more about each course, and also to fill out the online application:
Links to the applications along with other course information can be found at:
Once you have filled out the online application and are accepted into the course, we will send you a PTE number (permission to enroll) through MyUCLA. The first round of PTEs should be sent out just prior to the beginning of second pass.

Please let us know if you have any questions at cateach@chem.ucla.edu.

Thanksgiving Break holiday hours

  • Wednesday, November 25th, 2020: Virtual advising will take place from 9AM-11AM (Pacific Standard Time).
  • In observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday, our office will be closed starting on Wednesday, Nov. 25th at 2:30PM – Friday, November 27th. We will return to our virtual hours of operation on Monday, November 30th
  • Please keep in mind- during the break, we will not have access to emails/ Message Center. If you try to contact us during this time, we will not be able to respond back to you until we return. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please visit the following website to view this update as well: https://ww3.math.ucla.edu/undergraduate-program/

PIC 16A Enrollment

Due to the increase in demand for PIC 16A, we have opened a new lecture- PIC 16A, Lecture 3. This Lecture will be reserved during second pass for pre-Financial Actuarial Math students to help them complete their pre-major coursework needed to declare into the major.

On November 30th, we will remove the restriction and the course will be available for all students, if space is still available.

For more information, please visit our enrollment into Math/PIC courses page: https://ww3.math.ucla.edu/enrollment-into-math-and-programming-in-computing-pic-courses/

Math 118 Enrollment

Due to increased demand of course, Math 118 will now be restricted to pre-data theory and data theory majors during second pass. On November 30th, it will be available to all students. 

Please note, the requisites for Math 118 are Math 42 and 115A and are required. If you do not have Math 42, we also accept Math 142 as a substitute. If you are a pre/declared data theory major student and are having trouble enrolling into Math 118, please email ugrad@math.ucla.edu with your name and SID number, with the following header:  MATH 118A ENROLLMENT HELP, by Monday, November 30th with your request to enroll into the course.  Any requests after that are not guaranteed.

For more information, please visit our enrollment into Math/PIC courses page: https://ww3.math.ucla.edu/enrollment-into-math-and-programming-in-computing-pic-courses/

We hope you all have a safe and restful Thanksgiving Break.


UCLA Math Department