Interested in publishing your research in the UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal?

Interested in publishing your undergraduate research? Planning to go to graduate school and want to gain experience in science publishing? The UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal (Vol. 35) is currently accepting paper submissions from undergraduate researchers and recent graduates (Class of 2021)! Publishing in USJ is a great way to showcase your research to UCLA faculty, students, and the general public, and two selected articles from each edition receive the Vice Provost Award of Excellence. 
Article submissions can be done through the Google form linked on our website. Submissions are due by Monday, January 10th, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Below are questions you may have about the publication process – please reach out if you have any additional questions! We are also planning on holding virtual info sessions regarding paper submissions – please fill out this interest form if you are interested!
1. I’m planning to submit my paper to another journal: can I still publish my manuscript in this year’s USJ?

  • Yes! You retain all of the rights to your paper when publishing through USJ. Most articles are only published via print (although we do offer the option of publishing online), so you should not encounter any issues in subsequent journal submissions.

2. What types of articles does USJ accept?

3. Where can I see examples of papers published by USJ in the past?

  • You can pick up our 2020-2021 journal at most UCLA libraries, including Powell and the Biomedical Research Library. In addition, our website showcases some of our publications from recent years.

4. If my article is selected for publication, what happens next?

  • First, multiple reviewers are assigned to each paper and evaluate the submission on its scientific methodology and conclusions. Each submission is then accepted or rejected based on reviewer comments (typically by the end of February). If accepted, your paper will get assigned to an editor, who will work with you to help improve the paper’s clarity, organization, and flow. Finally, the paper will be sent to our Layout Board, and final copies of the journal will be available by our end-of-year banquet.

If you have any questions, please contact! In addition to signing up for the info sessions, we request that you fill out our non-binding Intent to Submit form at the bottom of our website if you are interested in submitting your manuscript. 

We look forward to reading your submissions, and best of luck with finals!

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