Three Day Startup @ UCLA

3DS (3 Day Startup) is a free 3-day boot camp that guides students through the essential steps of founding a start-up company from scratch. From ideation, team formation, market research to rapid prototyping and final pitch, participants directly apply theoretical knowledge to come up with a sustainable business model. Now, 3 Day Startup at UCLA is offering you a great opportunity to gain experience in building a startup at our next event, where you can turn your startup ideas into a well-developed business model in one weekend. More information about our event:

When: April 23rd – April 25th, 2021
Where: Zoom

3DS is open to grad and undergrad students of all years, majors, and experience levels. Acceptances would be made on a rolling basis. Please apply ASAP to increase your chances of participating. 

The application of this event can be found online:


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