W+PS Week 3 Workshop

Hi everyone!
We hope that you are all staying safe and Spring quarter is treating you well. W+PS is holding a new meeting:

What? W+PS Declassified UCLA Survival Guide

Where? https://ucla.zoom.us/j/99957017715

When? Wed Apr 14, 6pm PT (Week 3)

During the event, we’ll have upperclassmen answer all your questions about academics, research and internships, and work-life balance/social life, in a free discussion/Q&A format. We will also share with you advice on utilising (free) resources and support available at UCLA for academic and professional development.We encourage you all to drop by! 

As always, all genders and majors welcome!


Women+ in the Physical Sciences Officer Team
Instagram: @wps_ucla

Facebook: UCLA WPS


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