UCLA Mathematics PhD student Bohan Chen has been named a UC-National Lab In-Residence Graduate Fellow for 2021. Eleven students were nominated across five UC campuses. The program supports UC graduate student training at the national laboratories by providing two to three years of funding to conduct in-residence dissertation research and receive professional training.

Bohan is one of two UCLA students selected, and the only student from the Department of Mathematics.

“Winning this fellowship is a great honor. It allows me the opportunity to implement machine learning and image processing techniques on environmental and geographical data sets. I have strong interests in these topics and feel excited to work an unprecedented project, where we will be observing surface water dynamics and estimate water availability on a global scale. Developing an algorithm that works globally can be challenging due to the variety of geographical information on Earth. Still, I’m looking forward to exploring this frontier in new innovative ways.

I want to say a special thank you to Prof. Andrea Bertozzi, Dr. Jon Schwenk and Dr. Cristina Garcia-Cardona and Dr. Brendt Wohlberg for all of their guidance and support.”