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UCLA Mathematics encompasses both pure and applied mathematics. Informally, the department is organized into several research groups. The following will provide more information regarding each research group and faculty/graduate student specializations.

pure mathematics

applied mathematics


The UCLA Department of Mathematics faculty contribute to and participate in a number of research journals.

Publishes first-class mathematical research papers in the main stream of pure mathematics. This includes the fields of algebra, number theory, topology, algebraic and analytic geometry and (geometric) analysis.

More information is available on their website.

Publishes high-quality papers on subjects related to classical analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and topology.

More information is available on their website.

​​Forum of Mathematics, Pi and Forum of Mathematics, Sigma offer fully open access publication combined with peer-review standards set by an international editorial board of the highest caliber, Strong research papers from all parts of pure mathematics and related areas will be welcomed. All published papers will be free online to readers in perpetuity.

More information is available on their website.

A mathematics research journal supported by a number of American, Asian and Australian universities and research institutes, and currently published on their behalf by Mathematical Sciences Publishers, a non-profit academic publishing organisation.

It was founded in 1951 by František Wolf and Edwin F. Beckenbach and has been published continuously since, with five two-issue volumes per year.

The journal is available as a PDF via their homepage.

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic was established in 1995 by the Association for Symbolic Logic to provide a journal of high standards that would be both accessible and of interest to as wide an audience as possible. It is designed to cover all areas within the purview of the ASL: mathematical logic and its applications, philosophical and non-classical logic and its applications, history and philosophy of logic, and philosophy and methodology of mathematics.

Please visit the UCLA Math Department’s archive for links to articles.

Association for Symbolic Logic Homepage