faculty honors and awards

A. Bertozzi Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of US National Academy of Sciences
R. Caflisch* Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
L. Carleson* Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences. Corresponding member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Soviet Academy of Sciences, Danish Academy of Sciences, Norwegian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Sciences, Royal Society, London, and Finnish Academy of Sciences
W. Gangbo Fellow of the Pan-African Scientific Research Council, Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
M. Green* Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the AAAS
A. Hales* Fellow of the AAAS
H. Hida* Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
C. Khare Fellow of the Royal Society
T. Martin* Fellow of the AAAS, Member American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Y.Moschovakis* Corresponding member of The Academy of Athens,
S. Osher Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Member of the National Academy of Engineering
S. Popa Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
M. Porter Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
T. Tao Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society
B. Totaro Fellow of the Royal Society
T. Austin New Horizons in Mathematics Prize (2020), Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems (2021), Ostrowski Prize (2021)
P. Balmer Alexander von Humboldt Award (2015)
A. Bertozzi Maria Geoppert-Mayer Distinguished Scholar, Argonne National Lab (1995-96), Sonia Kovalevsky Prize and Lecture (2009), SIAM Fellow (2010), SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize (2014), Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer (2014-16) Thompson-Reuters Highly Cited (2015), American Physical Society Fellow (2016), Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited (2016), Math+X Investigator by Simons Foundation (2017), SIGEST Award (2016), SIAM Kleinman Prize (2019)
R. Caflisch* SIAM Fellow (2009)
D. Blasius AMS Centennial Fellowship (1988)
M. Biskup IMS Fellow (2016)
L. Carleson* Steel Prize for a research paper of fundamental and lasting importance (AMS, 1984). Wolf Foundation Prize in Mathematics (1992), Celsius Medal
T. Chan* SIAM Fellow (2010)
T. Gamelin* Alexander von Humboldt Award (1986).
J. Garnett* Steele Prize (2003)
A. Hales* Polya Prize in combinatorics (joint with Rothschild) (SIAM, 1973).
H. Hida* Spring Prize (Math. Soc. Japan, 1992).
M. Hill 2022 AMS Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry.
K. Honda Geometry Prize (Math. Soc. Japan, 2009), Simons Professor (2009-10), Simons Fellowship (2012)
R. Jennrich* Best Article in Technometrics Award (1976).
C. Khare Infosys Prize (2010), Cole Prize in Number Theory (2011), Simons Fellowship (2021).
A. Laub* SIAM Fellow (2016)
G. Liu* AMS Centennial Fellowship (1997).
K. Liu Morningside Gold Medal of the Mathematics, Morningside Gold Medal in Applied Math (3rd Int.l Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, Hong Kong 2003).
D. Martin* Karp Prize (ASL, 1988)
A. Merkurjev Alexander von Humboldt Award (1995), Cole Prize in Algebra (AMS, 2012), Guggenheim Fellowship (2013)
G. Montufar Emmy Noether Program Award (2017), ERC (2018)
Y.Moschovakis* Commander of the order of Phoenix medal conferred by Greece (2014)
D. Needell IMA Prize (2016)
I. Neeman Simons Fellowship (2012), Hausdorff Medal (2019)
S. Osher Public Service Group Achievement Award (NASA, 1992), Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Mechanics Award (2003), ICIAM Pioneer Prize (SIAM 2003), Kleinman Prize (SIAM 2005), USACM Computational and Applied Sciences Award (2007), SIAM Fellow (2009), The John von Neumann Lecturer (2013), Gauss Prize (2014). Thompson-Reuters Highly Cited (2014, 2015) William Benter Award (2016), Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited (2016), 100,000 citations on Google Scholar (2018)
S. Popa Simion Stoilow Prize of the Romanian Academy of Sciences (1981), Ostrowski Prize (2009), Chaire Blaise Pascal (2009), E. H. Moore Research Article Prize (2010), Simons Fellowship (2012)
M. Porter Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award (2008), Erdős-Rényi Prize in Networks Science (2014), Whitehead Prize (LMS) (2015), Young Scientist Award for Socio-and Econophysics (2016), American Physical Society Fellow (2016), SIGEST Award (for the paper: Core-Periphery Structure in Networks, SIAM Journal, 2014) (2017), Faculty Mentoring Award (CUR) (2017), Clarivate Web of Science-Highly Cited Researcher (2020 & 2021)
B. Rothschild* Polya Prize in combinatorics (joint with A. Hales) (SIAM, 1973).
R. Rouquier College de France Peccot Prize (2000), London Math. Society Whitehead Prize (2006), University of Cambridge Adams Prize (2009), French Academy of Sciences Elie Cartan Prize (2009), Royal Society Wolfson Research Award (2011), Simons Investigatorship (2015)
A. Sahai Simons Investigator (2021), National Academy of Science Held Prize (2022)
S. Sarkar Clay Research Fellowship (2009)
D. Shlyakhtenko Clay Math Institute Prize Fellow (2003)
M. Takesaki* Fujihara Prize (1990)
T. Tao Packard Fellowship (1999-2000). Clay Math Institute Award (2000). Salem Prize (2000), Maxime Bocher Prize (2002), 2003 Clay Research Award, American Mathematical Society (AMS) Conant Prize (2005), Ostrowski Prize (2005), Fields Medal (2006), MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Grant (2006), The Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology, Research Academy (SASTRA), Ramanujan Prize (2006), Fellow of the Royal Society of London (2007), Alan T. Waterman (2008), King Fiasal International Prize (2010), Nemmers Prize (2010), Crafoord Prize in Mathematics (2012), Joseph Lieberman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics (2013),  Inaugural Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics (2014), Thompson-Reuters Highly Cited (2015), Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited (2016), Riemann Prize in Mathematics (2020), János Bolyai International Mathematical Prize (2020), IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal (2021)
B.Totaro Prix Franco-Britannique (2001)
M. Visan Clay Liftoff Fellowship (2006)
J. Yin Morningside Silver Medal (2016)
P. Balmer
A. Bertozzi
D. Blasius
M. Bonk
R. Caflisch*
W. Duke
R. Edwards*
G. Eskin*
R. Elman
T. Gamelin*
W. Gangbo
J. Garnett*
M. Green*
A. Hales*
M. Hill
H. Hida*
C. Khare
D. Martin*
A. Merkurjev
Y. Moschovakis*
D. Needell
I. Neeman
S. Osher
P. Petersen
S. Popa
M. Porter
B. Rothschild*
R. Rouquier
M. Schacher*
R. Sharifi
D. Shlyakhtenko
M. Takesaki*
T. Tao
1962: L. Carleson*
1966: L. Carleson* (plenary)
1970: M. Takesaki*
1974: Y. Moschovakis*
1978: R. Edwards* (plenary), D. Gieseker*, D. Martin*
1983: S. Y. Cheng*,G. Eskin*
1986: J. Garnett*, H. Hida*, A. Merkurjev
1990: L. Carleson*, S. Popa
1994: S. Osher
1998: M. Green*, R. Schonmann*, W. Duke
2002: K. Liu, T. Tao, B. Totaro
2006: R. Caflisch*, K. Honda, I. Neeman, S. Popa (plenary), R. Rouquier, T. Tao (plenary)
2010: P. Balmer, C. Khare, S. Osher (plenary), D. Shlyakhtenko
2014: M. Hill
2018: A. Bertozzi, I. Pak, S. Sarkar
2022: A. Marks, A. Sahai (special sectional)
A. Bertozzi AMS-MAA Joint meeting (1999), MPS Distinguished Lecture, NSF(2002), AMS-MAA Joint Meeting (2005), SIAM Annual Meeting (2006), Joint Meetings (2010)  Australia New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Society Annual Meeting (2011), International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2011), American Physical Society DFD Annual Meeting (2011), Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Annual Meeting (2012), AIMS Dynamical Systems Conference (2012),  Second Pacific Rim Mathematical Association Congress (2013), Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer (2014-16), SIAM Conference (2015), Summer Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society (2016), British Applied Math Colloquium (2016), International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Applications (NOLTA 2017), Erdos Lecture of the AMS (2018) Annual meeting of the German Mathematical Society (2018)
L. Carleson*
AMS (1986)
T. Chan* SIAM (1989), ICCM (2001), Joint Math Meeting AMS/SIAM/MAA (2002)
A. Chernikov ASL (2018)
T. Ferguson**IMS (1972)
R. Edwards* AMS (1978)
T. Gamelin* AMS Western Regional Meeting (1971)
W. Gangbo AMS (2003), SIAM (2004), Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference on Diff. Eq. (2013), 37th Ann. SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Sect Conf (2013), 4th Ohio River Analysis (2014), Claytor-Woodard Address (2017)
J. Garnett* AMS (1979)
D. Gieseker* AMS (1983)
M. Green* AMS (2001)
K.-C. LiJASA (1990)
K. LiuICCM (2001)
D. Martin* AMS (1976) ASL (1986) ALS:Gödel Lecture (1994)
A. Merkurjev European Congress of Math (1992) and (1996)
Y. Moschovakis* AMS (1984), ASL (1986)
S. Osher SIAM (1986), AIMS Plenary Lecture (2016)
S. PopaAMS Joint Math. Meetings (1999)
M. Porter NetSci (2013), SIAM (2015), APS (MARCH 2016), NetSci (2018)
J. Ralston* AMS (1978)
M. Schacher* AMS (1978)
M. Takesaki*AMS (1982)
M. Visan RIMS (2018) and Second Northeastern Analysis Meeting (2018)
J. White* SIAM (1990), Canadian Mathematical Congress (1987)
R. Edwards* 1978
T. Ferguson*1974
S. Popa 1993
R. Rouquier 2014
M. Takesaki* 1981
H. Hida* 1991
C. Khare 2008
K.-C. Li 1993
K. Liu 2002
D. Martin* 1989
Y. Moschovakis* 1968
S. Popa 1995
R. Schonmann* 1999
M. Takesaki* 1973
C. Anderson 1987
A. Bertozzi 1995
R. Caflisch*1984
L. Chayes 1989
S.-Y. Cheng* 1977
A. Chernikov 2016
W. Duke 1990
R. Edwards* 1975
R. Elman 1976
P. Galashin 2021
T. Gamelin* 1969
M. Green* 1976
R. Greene 1975
M. Hitrik 2006
K. Honda 2002
R. Killip 2004
I. Kim 2008
D. Martin* 1971
G. Montufar 2022
Y. Moschovakis* 1970
S. Osher 1972
P. Petersen 1990
J. Ralston* 1974
B. Rothschild* 1973
M. Roper 2012
A. Sahai 2002
D. Shlyakhtenko 2001
T. Tao 1999
B. Totaro 1995
L. Vese 2003
M. Visan 2010
J. Yin 2014
C. Anderson 1987
A. Bertozzi 1996
A. Chernikov 2017
P. Galashin 2021
G. Montufar 2022
I. Neeman 2001
P. Petersen 1992
M. Roper 2014
S. Sarkar 2014
A. Bertozzi 2005-06
W. Duke 2004-05
S. Osher 2007-08
T. Tao 2006-07
A. Chernikov 2017
K. Honda 2003
I. Neeman 2001
A. Bertozzi Claremont Graduate University, 2014
L. Carleson* U. Paris VI, 1988
H. Hida* Universite de Paris XIII, 2015
Y. Moschovakis* U. Athens, 1987; University of Sofia, 2002
S. Osher ENS, de Cachan, 2006; Hong Kong Baptist U., 2009
UCLA Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award: K. Baker* (1973)
J. White* (1979)
J. Garnett* (1989)
C. Anderson (2002)
Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award M. Visan (2018)
M. Roper (2019)
S. Sarkar (2020)
Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award of Continued Excellence C. Anderson (2021)
Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award P. Balmer (2022)
W. Gangbo Chancellor Professorship by UC Berkeley (2018-19)
A. Hales* Commencement Speaker at UC Berkeley (2001)