Major, Pre-major, Minor, Specialization, College, or School

Undergraduate Program Change Petition. Use this form to petition for a change of major, pre-major, minor, specialization, college, or school. Changes to or from multiple majors require College/school and department approval. College/school changes require College/school approval. Changes to an undergraduate program are normally not permitted if the student is on probation or has begun their last term.

In addition to meeting pre-major, major, or minor requirementsall students must complete at least one academic quarter (fall, winter, or spring) at UCLA before declaring into a pre-major, major, or minor. If it is your first academic quarter at UCLA, you can submit your petition at the end of the quarter (finals week). Your petition will be processed 1-3 weeks after all your grades for the quarter have been posted.

Data Theory

A new protocol has recently been added to the petitions process for Data Theory. The Statistics Department now wants incoming Data Theory students to submit a tentative course plan when entering the major. IN ADDITION TO the Undergraduate Program Change Petition, please fill out the Degree Plan Contract with the current term and your course plan for the rest of your time at UCLA. You do not need to check mark “Type of Contract.”

Major Courses to Add to Your Contract:
    • The capstone course Stats/Math M148 should go in the winter quarter of your last year.
    • Statistics courses are offered in very specific quarters. Use this Statistics Course Roadmap to know when the Stats Department suggests you should take each statistics class. The Stats Department is working official roadmap for Data Theory students is still in progress.
    • Math 118 is offered in the fall and winter.
    • Stats 101A should go in the spring. Winter priority goes to Statistics students, and spring priority goes to Data Theory students.
    • Stats 147 and 184 are only offered in the winter and are worth 2 units.
    • Math 156 and 131A are typically offered each quarter.
    • For the 4 electives, you can put “Math/Stats UD” (short for math/stats upper division elective) in any of the quarters that you have space in.

Double Major

Please read through the double major petition process under the College of Letters & Science here.

Math/PIC Course Equivalency

Course Equivalency Petition. Use this form to petition courses you believe are equivalent to our mathematics and/or computing courses. The courses can be petitioned from other community colleges, universities, under a UCLA department or specialty College (i.e. Engineering). Make sure to include as much information as possible: course description, course syllabus, and course textbook.

Summer Session Petitions