College of Letters and Sciences Petitions
  • Undergraduate Program Change Petition (Use this form to petition for a change of major, minor, or College or school. Changes to or from multiple majors require College/school and department approval. College/school changes require College/school approval. Changes to an undergraduate program are normally not permitted if the student is on probation or has begun the last term.)
Math/PIC Course Petitions
  • Course Equivalency Petition (Use this form to petition courses you believe are equivalent to our mathematics and/or computing courses. The courses can be petitioned from other community colleges, universities, under a UCLA department or specialty College (i.e. Engineering). Make sure to include as much information as possible: course description, course syllabus, and course textbook.
Double Major Petition Process
  • Please read through the double major petition process under the College of Letters & Science here.
Summer Session Petitions