former faculty honors and awards

B. Engquist Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Science
H. Kreiss Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the AAAS
T. Liggett Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
T. Mountford Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
P. Roberts Fellow of the Royal Society. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Fellow of the American Geophysics Union. Member of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences
L. Shapley Member of the National Academy of Sciences
R. Steinberg Member of the National Academy of Sciences
R. Brown Lester R. Ford Award for mathematical exposition (MAA, 1984)
S-Y A. Chang UCLA Outstanding Woman of Science Award (1988). AMS Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize (1995)
B. Engquist SIAM Prize in numerical analysis and scientific computing (SIAM, 1982). Celsius Medal (1992). Wallmark Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1985)
M. Gu Householder Prize (1996)
G. Hjorth Karp Prize (ASL, 2003)
H. Kreiss Celsius Medal (1985). Forsythe Prize (1985). Public Service Medal (NASA, 1992). National Academy of the Sciences Award (2002).
C. Manolescu European Math. Society Prize (2012). Moore Prize of the American Mathematical Society (2019)
T. Mountford Rollo Davidson Prize (1994).
R. Perez-Marco European Math. Society (1996). Prox Peccot, College de France (1994). IBM Research Prize in Mathematics (1993).
P. Roberts Fleming Medal of the Am. Geophys. Union (1999).
Y. Shalom Erdos Prize (2007)
L. Shapley Von Neumann Prize in game theory and linear programming (SIAM, 1981), Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2012).
J. Steel Karp Prize (ASL, 1988)
R. Steinberg Steel Prize (1985)
J. Teran Presidential Early Career Award, PECASE (2011)
C. Thiele Salem Prize (1997). Dean’s Marshall Award (2000) Humboldt Research Award (2009), Pólya Prize, SIAM (2010)
V. Varadarajan Lars Onsager Medal (1998)
W. Yin Morningside Gold Medal (2016), ICCM Best Paper Gold Award (paper w/ Yangyang Xu) (2017),  Young Author Best Paper Award of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (paper w/ Wei Shi, Qing Ling, Kun Yuan, and Gang Wu) (2017), Clarivate Web of Science-Highly Cited Researcher (2020)
L.-S. Young Satter Prize outstanding contribution to math research by a woman (AMS, 1993)
M. Aschenbrenner
D. Babbitt
R. Blattner
D. Cantor
E. Effros
C. Manolescu
L. Shapley
B. Sudakov
J. Teran
C. Thiele
V. Varadarajan
1966: R. Steinberg
1974: H. Kreiss (plenary), V. Varadarajan
1983: B. Engquist
1986: S.-Y. A. Chang, E. Effros, T. Liggett
1990: M. Christ, R. Lazarsfeld, J. Steel
1994: J. Li, C. Sogge, L.-S. Young
1998: J. Chayes, B. Engquist, G. Hjorth
2002: E. Tadmor, C. Thiele
2006: N. Ozawa, Y. Shalom
2010: B. Sudakov
2018: M. Aschenbrenner, C. Manolescu
M. Aschenbrenner AMS (2003), AMS-ASL Joint Meeting (2005), ASL (2013), ASL (2017)
S.-Y. A. Chang AMS (1982), AMS (1990)
B. Engquist SIAM (1982), European Congress of Fluid Mechanics (1991), European Congress of Mathematics (1992)
E. Effros AMS (1982)
H.-O. Kreiss Second World Congress on Computational Mechanics (1990)
T. Liggett Wald Lecture (1996)
R. Perez-Marco European Mathematical Congress (1996)
J. Steel ASL (1979) and (1989)
V.S.Varadarajan AMS (1966) and (1991)
D. Ylvisaker IMS (1984) Canadian Mathematical Congress (1969)
L.-S. Young AMS (1985) and (1998), International Congress of Mathematical Physics (1983) and (1991),  SIAM (1999)
M. Christ 1989
E. Effros 1979
C. Thiele 2004
A. Chang 1998
E. Effros 1982
B. Engquist 1991
T. Liggett 1997
L.-S. Young 1997
M. Bestvina 1988
S.-Y. A. Chang 1979
J. Chayes 1989
M. Christ 1986
M. Gu 1998
G. Hjorth 1997
R. Lazarsfeld 1984
J. Li 1994
T. Liggett 1973
G. Mess 1991
T. Mountford 1992
N. Ozawa 2005
R. Perez-Marco 1997
S. Roch 2012
J. Rogawski 1986
C. Sogge 1988
J. Steel 1981
C. Thiele 2000
V.S. Varadarajan 1967
W. Yin 2009
L.-S. Young 1985
M. Bestvina 1988
M. Christ 1986
M. Gu 1997
R. Lazarsfeld 1985
T. Mountford 1991
C. Sogge 1989
J. Teran 2010
C. Thiele 2000
L.-S. Young 1991
H.-O. Kreiss ETH, 1998
L. Shapley Hebrew U., 1986
V.S. Varadarajan U. Genoa, 1992
A. Chang AMS, Vice President (1989-91)
J. Chayes AMS, Vice President (1998-00)
B. Engquist Member, IMU Executive Committee (1995-02)
UCLA Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award: R. Sorgenfrey (1963, the premiere year for this campus award)
R. Redheffer (1968)
S. Krantz (1979)
UCLA lecturer award D. Cohen (1986)
Southern California MAA Award D. Cohen (1993)
UCLA Panhellenic Council Outstanding Professor commendation R. Brown (1991)
UCLA Golden Circle Award for Undergraduate Teaching R. Brown (1990)
UCLA Mortar Board Teaching Award J. Chayes (1993)