The RISE Virtual Center: Fall Quarter Offerings for the Bruin Community

Dear Campus Colleagues,

Resilience is often described as the ability to “bounce back” after adversity…but bouncing back up hasn’t been so easy these days. Sometimes resilience is about battling back –digging in a little deeper to regain our motivation and efficacy. With the right tools, armor, and collective resources, this is surely achievable!  We at the RISE Center are committed to fostering and strengthening community and individual resilience at UCLA.

As we recognize the long-term and multiple impacts of the COVID pandemic on student communities and their support systems, we continue to forge ahead by adjusting our services and creating new ones, with the goal of prioritizing the mental well-being of our UCLA family. We invite you to please explore our offerings and share this information widely to your student groups.

The RISE Virtual Center

RISE is an outreach and prevention arm of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). For the duration of Fall Quarter, RISE will routinely tune into campus needs relevant to social and emotional well-being and map our services onto a dynamic, active virtual landscape. This Fall, we are prioritizing areas of focus we believe need urgent attention. Most offerings are open to any member of the UCLA community, including students, staff, faculty, extension learners, and family members. Please see the attached RISE Fall Program for the full array of workshops, healing sessions, and dialogue spaces, along with links and registration instructions.

Our Fall 2020 priorities include: 

Post-Election Dialogue and Debriefing SessionsRISE is partnering with various Student Affairs offices to arrange supportive spaces of dialogue and reflection for students following the election results. Partnerships include University Apartments South (Res Life), Leadership and Involvement (Res Life), the Undocumented Student Program (USP),  and the Dean of Students Office. Please see the Bruins Vote Community Calendar for zoom links to open spaces for undergraduates and graduate students. Private spaces for specific Bruin communities are described in the flyer attached.  
Coping with COVID – How to Manage Stress and Maintain Resilience Amidst the Impacts of 2020Many of us continue to work on managing emotional health and maintaining confidence in our capacity to thrive amidst so many adjustments related to the COVID pandemic. Specialty workshops include Supporting Parents and Managing Parenting Stress, as well as Self-Care and Resilience During a Tough Times. Please see the flyer for dates and registration, and contact us for workshops containing encouraging strategies for students and staff related to taking care of their psychosocial health and well-being.  
  Black Bruins Healing Spaces and Anti-Racism Workshops  The RISE Center hosts weekly virtual healing sessions open to Black-identifying students, staff, and faculty. In addition, pre-recorded BLM meditations, practices, and resources can be found on the website. For workshops on anti-racism and social justice, please contact us at
  Rejuvenate with RISE –Everyday Wellness PracticesStaff and students are invited to join our RISE practitioners for weekly wellness Drop-Ins and Mindful Moments to care for self and build community. Please see the attached flyer for zoom links.
Supporting Student Mental Health – Staff and Student WorkshopsThe RISE team is offering a Professional Development Series for Staff and Faculty which includes workshops for creating a culture of health and fostering racial and cultural resilience among student communities. We are also offering student leaders a Mental Health Leadership Training Series to equip them with skills related to peer support and to help them recognize when their classmates are in distress. These are self-paced online trainings through CCLE.  

In Gratitude

We are so grateful to hold space for you and with you, even from a distance. We hope to also operate as a connective hub in order to link students to other resources and to help elevate the campus in its role as a primarily virtual institution during this time. Please let us know how we can partner with you in our collective efforts to ensure Bruins can discover belongingness, healing, and success at UCLA.

Finally, follow us on Instagram and twitter for daily announcements, mini-practices, and informational sessions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Warmly, The RISE Team