On March 5th, professor Andrea Bertozzi gave a talk entitled “Tears of wine and shock dynamics” at the 2019 annual physics conference hosted by the American Physical Society. Bertozzi and her team revisit the classical problem of “tears of wine” and enhance the existing theory. The new theory reveals missing dynamics in this problem which involves non-classical shocks.Other UCLA researchers working on this project include Ph.D. student and NSF graduate fellow Yonatan Dukler and assistant adjunct professors Claudia Falcon and Hangjie Ji. Their research has been featured in various publications including ARS Technica and Food and Wine.

The work is supported by Simons Foundation Math + X investigator award (number 510776).

Watch this video to see the “tears of wine” phenomenon in action or listen to Andrea explain herself in this AMS podcast.

Photo caption: UCLA mathematics professor emeritus V.S. Varadarajan and his wife, Veda

The Department has received $1 million from mathematics professor emeritus V.S. Varadarajan and his wife, Veda, to establish the Ramanujan Visiting Professorship. The new position honors renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who made substantial contributions to mathematics in the early 1900s. The post will help UCLA attract visiting faculty members in Varadarajan’s specializations of automorphic forms, an important concept in number theory, and representation theory, which has been linked to elementary particles and quantum physics.

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