Andrea Bertozzi and her colleagues Yonatan Dukler, Hangjie Ji, Claudia Falcon published new research which explores the fluid dynamics behind a phenomenon known as tears of wine, Phys. Rev. Fluids (2020)Nature recently published a piece covering this research.

Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions.

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Photo caption: Conference attendees participating in a hands-on lesson demonstration.

This year’s 11th Annual Curtis Center Mathematics and Teaching Conference at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center welcomed over 200 teachers, students, and mathematicians for a day of meaningful discussion about mathematics education as well as some hands-on learning.

The three featured speakers were Sybilla Beckmann-Kazez (University of Georgia Mathematics), Michael Fenton (Desmos), and Francis Su (Harvey Mudd Mathematics). The eighteen breakout sessions included the Curtis Center’s own Helen Chan and Michelle Sidwell, as well as Mary Sirody of MDTP (Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project), recent UCLA JMEP (Joint Math Education Program) graduate Emily Swanson, and Professor Marcus Roper.

The Curtis Center’s Executive Director, Heather Dallas, would like to thank for their generous support: UCLA Dean of Physical Sciences Miguel Garcia-Garibay, UCLA Mathematics Department Chair Mario Bonk, MDTP, and UCLA Mathematics Professors Chris Anderson, Tim Austin, Jim Ralston, Marcus Roper, Bruce Rothschild, and Luminita Vese.

Established in 2007, the Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching is named after Philip C. Curtis, Jr., a UCLA Mathematics professor for over 50 years. The Curtis Center is a group of K-12 and university mathematics enthusiasts who work together to improve the quality of K-12 mathematics activity through continuing education programs for K-12 teachers, and mathematics teacher preparation programs for UCLA undergraduates.

Helen Chan’s high school students who presented lessons during a breakout session.

Michelle Sidwell, Curtis Center Director of Special Projects, leading a breakout session.