Joaquin Moraga will be joining the department as an assistant professor in July 2022.

He earned his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Utah in Summer 2019. During his PhD at the University of Utah, under the advice of Chirstopher Hacon, his research focused on the minimal model program. After finishing his PhD, Moraga started a position as an instructor in Mathematics at Princeton University in Fall 2019. During his time at Princeton, he worked alongside other co-authors to prove new results regarding singularities: their topology, quotients, and other invariants.

Some of his other work has revolved around running various seminars, such as a Learning Seminar on the Minimal Model Program, which started in 2021. He also organized the Princeton Algebraic Geometry Seminar together with Chenyang Xu and the Princeton Algebraic Geometry Preprint Seminar together with Fernando Figueroa. At UCLA, Moraga plans to organize and participate in seminars about Algebraic Geometry and related topics

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