Casting Call for UCLA Film – Film & Photography Society

**Casting Call for UCLA Film**

FPS is filming a short film, and we are looking for actors!

The rate for each role is copy/meal/credit.

You must be available Saturday, October 30 or Sunday, October 31 for auditions, and for our shoot dates of November 13 and 14. We are looking for the following roles:

Role 1: Elena, 18-22, all ethnicities female. Elena is the leader of the cult, and she is the leader of the game. The other players are too scared to challenge her and she uses this to her advantage by instilling even more fear into them. Elena loves to torment people and she loves leading the cult and having so much power over the players.

Role 2: Macy, 18-22, all ethnicities female. Macy has played the game before and this year she plans on laying low to try to make it out. Macy is terrified of the game but she has no choice but to play. She is kind and does not enjoy hurting others, although she is willing to hurt people if it means that she doesn’t get hurt herself.

Role 3: Jenny, 18-22, all ethnicities female. Jenny has played the game before and she is determined to win. Jenny is cut-throat and she doesn’t care who she has to hurt to get what she wants. She is desperate for Elena’s approval and will do anything to get it.

Role 4: Farrah, 18-22, all ethnicities female. Farrah is playing the game for the first time and she does not know what to expect. At first, Farrah is excited to play, but as time goes on and when she realizes how sinister it actually is, she realizes that she is in real danger.

Role 5: Peter, 18-22, all ethnicities male. Peter is shy and nervous. He is playing the game for the first time and he is uncertain on how everything works, although he is not too worried about it because he believes that things always work themselves out. Peter is quiet and as the game goes on he becomes more uncertain and fearful.

Please contact if you are interested in auditioning!

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