High-tech and Neurological Disorders (HAND) at UCLA is currently holding recruitment for Spring 2022

HAND at UCLA is a student organization aiming to increase the awareness and education of neurological diseases, through the intersection of healthcare and innovation. By building a community interested in the field of neuroscience and biotechnology, we develop prototypes based on our iStopShaking IoT patent to aid patients with movement disorders and connect our members with medical professionals and industry leaders through events such as journal clubs and guest speakers.

We welcome all UCLA students passionate about neuroscience and cutting-edge technology, as well as those in the business and marketing fields, interested in biotech and entrepreneurship. Join us if you’re interested in learning about neurological diseases, engaging in research & physician shadowing opportunities, and designing and creating medical devices!

Our info sessions will be held in Week 2 Tuesday, April 5th, and Wednesday, April 6th from 5-6 pm PDT. To receive further information about the info sessions and apply for membership, please visit handucla.org

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