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Dr. Sarah Burnett receives 2022 L’Oréal USA For Women in Science Fellowship

Dr. Sarah Burnett has been awarded the 2022 L’Oréal USA For Women in Science Fellowship, being one of the five women postdoctoral scientists chosen this year. Her research focuses on the flow of particle-liquid mixtures. Understanding how fluids behave when solids are incorporated is crucial for various applications such as mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals and during landslides. […]

Professor Terence Tao wins Global Australian of the Year award

Professor Terence Tao has been named Global Australian of the Year by Advance.org — a federally funded organization that highlights the work of Australian high achievers. “Despite routinely being dubbed the ‘Mozart of maths’ in media articles, the 47-year-old speaks of his accomplishments with deep modesty, almost diffidence — but they are undeniable, nonetheless. If he has a […]

Assistant Professor Joaquin Moraga joins the Department

Joaquin Moraga will be joining the department as an assistant professor in July 2022. He earned his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Utah in Summer 2019. During his PhD at the University of Utah, under the advice of Chirstopher Hacon, his research focused on the minimal model program. After finishing his PhD, Moraga […]

UCLA Computer Science Professor Amit Sahai to join the Department

UCLA Computer Science Professor Amit Sahai will begin a new joint appointment in the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science this Fall. Amit Sahai is a Simons Investigator (2021), Fellow of the ACM (2018) and a Fellow of the IACR (2019). He was an invited lecturer at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 (ICM 2022). […]

In Memoriam: Robert Brown

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague Professor Emeritus Robert Brown on Friday, April 8, 2022. Bob joined the UCLA Mathematics Department in 1963 as an assistant professor immediately after receiving his PhD from the University of Wisconsin. He became a full professor in the department in 1973, and […]

Professor Tim Austin receives 2021 Ostrowski Prize

“The Ostrowski Prize for 2021 is awarded to Tim Austin for his outstanding work in a remarkably broad array of fields, including probability theory, ergodic theory and dynamics, combinatorics, operator algebras, group cohomology, and metric geometry. He made several breakthroughs, solving old standing problems, while at the same time making deep theory-building contributions. The main […]

UCLA Putnam Team ranks #4 out of 427 institutions

In the 2021 Putnam Mathematical Competition, the UCLA team (Ciprian Bonciocat, Runze Yu, and Jacob B. Zhang) were ranked #4 out of 427 institutions. Individually, Ciprian Bonciocat, Runze Yu, and Jacob B. Zhang received honorable mentions for ranking in the top 100 nationwide. Other high scorers placed in the top 500 were Issac Li, Duc […]