distinguished lecture series presents

Ehud Hrushovski

Hebrew University

Research Area

Model theory


Tuesday, April 26, 2011 to Thursday, April 28, 2011


MS 6627

The logic of large finite structures

Large finite structures often display very regular behavior when small, sporadic phenomena are ignored. Examples include Szemeredi’s regularity lemma in graph theory, the classification of highly transitive finite group actions, and the Lang-Weil estimates for algebraic varieties over large finite fields. Model theory proposes an infinite limit object where the asymptotic rules governing the situation can be clearly seen, in terms of certain measure and dimension theories. Notions and tools developed for quite different questions – initially, to study categoricity in uncountable powers – appear to be relevant for analyzing these structures. Most recently, the basic ideas of this approach have proved useful in the study of approximate subgroups, pointing to a new connection to Lie groups.

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In the first talk, I will describe the basic model-theoretic framework and some of the results. In the second and third talks, I will go into more detail and describe some of the model-theoretic background.
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