Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC) student establishes her own satellite math circles, reaches over 130 students

Aditee Prabhutendolkar attends the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC) program, a free enrichment program of the Department of Mathematics at UCLA. Now a junior in high school, Aditee is using her LAMC experience to share her passion for math with others. Over the past three years, Aditee has started her own LAMC satellite math circles at four elementary and two middle schools in the Arcadia school district. The elementary schools are Baldwin Stocker, Camino Grove, Holly Avenue, and Highland Oaks; these math circles are for students in 3rd-5th grade. The middle schools are First Avenue and Dana; these math circles are for students in 6th-8th grade. Every math circle meets once a week.

The elementary school math circles cover preparation for Math Kangaroo as well as fun math skills, such as number systems, cryptarithms, and logic puzzles. The middle school math circles prepare students for many math competitions (AMC 8, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo, Bay Math League, etc.) and for high school math.There are approximately 30 students at each elementary school and 20 students at each middle school, for a total reach of 130 students.

Aditee recruited other high school students to assist her in leading the math circles including Merrick Hua, Jason Chan, Jaime Choy, and Ryan Wang.

Recently, the media has covered this story on Spectrum News and the Arcadia Weekly. Click the links below to learn more:

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