Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic has a long tradition in the UCLA Mathematics Department going back to the 1940s, with early faculty that included C. C. Chang, Alfred Horn, Max Zorn, and Abraham Robinson. The group’s strengths over the years have been in model and set theory, and the foundations of mathematics.

The group maintains close connections with other mathematical logic groups in southern California, at Caltech and at UC-Irvine, runs several seminars including the Caltech-UCLA Cabal seminar, runs a biweekly Logic Colloquium, and organizes a series of biennial conferences with national and international speakers, known as Very Informal Gatherings of Logicians, which started in 1975.

The UCLA Logic Center, founded in 2004 through a generous anonymous donation, serves as a focal point for these and many other activities. Mathematical logic at UCLA has been supported from the beginning by the strength in Philosophical Logic of the UCLA Philosophy Department, whose early faculty included such luminaries as Rudolf Carnap, Richard Montague, and Alonzo Church. The UCLA Logic Center continues the tradition with activities that support both mathematical and philosophical logic.


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