opportunities & announcements

Undergraduate student opportunities are listed below. For more information about the Putnam Competition or the MUMS Scholarship, see their respective pages.

The Liver Project

The Liver Project (TLP) is an official UCLA student initiative to fight liver disease, including viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases/NASH, alcoholic hepatitis, and liver

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Message In a Melody

Message in a Melody (MIM) is an organization composed of a diverse group of students with unique interests who have come together through their love

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2020 Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium

2020 Undergraduate Mathematics SymposiumUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoSaturday, November 7, 2020 The Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium is an annual one-day meeting focusing on undergraduate mathematical research

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UConsulting Recruitment Events

Interested in building your business acumen, gaining real-world consulting experience, and working alongside some of UCLA’s top business students? UConsulting is looking to add dedicated

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UMSA Mentorship Application 2020-2021

UMSA Mentorship Application 2020-2021 The Mentorship Program at the Undergraduate Mathematics Students Association (UMSA) is designed to help new and continuing undergraduate students develop character

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