Goldman Sachs Quantitative Investment Summer Analyst Recruitment

View flyer here: GSAM QIS Clietn Portfolio Management

The Quantitative Investment Strategies group at Goldman Sachs is looking for current juniors to apply for a summer analyst position within our client-facing team at our NYC headquarters. This team offers a great opportunity for those who have a passion for quantitative, analytical or programming challenges, but also want to be client-facing and gain a deep understanding of investing with a quantitative methodology.

To give you an idea of our work, I split my time approximately evenly between the following three areas: programming (primarily data analytics and visualization, along with systems for analyzing investment portfolios), prepping for and meeting with our clients (both prospective and existing, some typical finance analyst work in Powerpoint/Excels), and producing analysis and research on our quantitative strategies. However, our team has many diverse skillsets and members will spend different amounts of time on various aspects of the role depending on their unique strengths. I’ve included further information on the team in the attached document.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send your resume as well as a brief description on why you think this role is appealing to Matthijs Dijkgraaf ( and copy me ( We are open to a broad variety of backgrounds and previous work experiences, so do not feel discouraged if you do not have a finance background. Members of our team have come from many academic backgrounds including math, physics, chemical, computer and mechanical engineering as well as math-track economics and computer science. 


Natalie Kennelley 
Quantitative Investment Strategies

200 West Street, 35th floor: New York, NY 10282


Tel: 212-855-8568