Summer 2022 graduate student internship at NSA — applications open September 15th

The Summer Program for Operations Research Technology (SPORT) is an internship hosted by the NSA for graduate students in fields including (but not limited to) math, operations research, data science, statistics, and industrial engineering. SPORT interns are matched to projects which leverage their expertise against real problems.  Projects may involve building optimization models, conducting exploratory data analysis, developing predictive analytics, and providing data-driven recommendations to support strategic decisions.

SPORT interns lead their own projects with support from full-time mentors.

In addition to project work, the summer consists of weekly seminars, opportunities to tour facilities and organizations, and an internal career fair to showcase opportunities. SPORT provides an excellent avenue for full-time opportunities at NSA with over 50% of participants since 2012 being hired back into the Agency after graduation.

More details can be found in the attached brochure. SPORT applications for Summer 2022 will be open from September 15th through October 31st and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Application instructions, for SPORT and other NSA and US Intelligence Community opportunities, can be found at once the application opens.

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