UCSF UC Berkeley Joint PhD Program
in Computational Precision Health – Application Opens September 15, 2023

Health and our healthcare systems are staggeringly complex. Advances in computation have transformed many industries, but the full promise of computation is yet to be realized for health care. To transform personal and public health through computation, we need breakthroughs in computation that use the massive data now available to do better : better disease detection, better treatment selection and monitoring, better decision support for medicine and public health, better use of resources. 

The UCSF UC Berkeley Joint Program in Computational Precision Health (CPH) is a graduate training and research program that will change health care practice and policy locally and globally. Our mission is to apply computation to real-world settings to improve the quality, efficiency, and equity of medicine and public health. 

The PhD in Computational Precision Health trains students to rigorously formulate problems with direct impact on individual and population health, and to develop new computational methods to address these problems in the complexity of the real world.

Students in the PhD in Computational Precision Health will develop skills and expertise in both the computational sciences (machine learning and AI, natural language processing, statistical inference and modeling, data standards, parallel computing and data at scale, etc.) and health sciences (clinical decision sciences and cognitive informatics, clinical delivery, clinical research, implementation science, health information policy, etc.)

Applications for 2023-24 admission period open September 15, 2023. Please share widely with your networks.

Connect with us to learn more: 

https://computationalhealth.berkeley.edu | https://computationalhealth.ucsf.edu | cph_info@berkeley.edu