Professor Artem Chernikov receives 2020 Simons Fellowship

Professor Artem Chernikov has been selected among the class of 2020 Simons Fellows in Mathematics for his project titled, “Model theory, groups and hypergraph combinatorics.” Artem’s research is focused on a systematic program of investigating these interactions, centered around the study of measures and various model-theoretic notions of dimension in tame classes of first-order structures (such as stable, distal, NIP, NTP2). Artem will also work on generalized “incidence bounds” in Erdős-style geometry and their relation to Zilber’s trichotomy phenomena and Hrushovski’s group configuration in various contexts (e.g. in strongly minimal or o-mininimal structures).

During the sabbatical period supported by the Simons fellowship, Artem plans to visit several universities around the world pursuing solo work and ongoing collaborations on the topics of the project.

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