Professor Jun Yin and team prove universal pattern that explains why materials conduct

Photo credit: Quanta Magazine/ Shuttershock

Photo credit: Quanta Magazine/ Shuttershock

Last summer, Profs. Jun Yin (UCLA) (and Ph.D. student Fan Yang), Paul Bourgade (New York University) and Horng-Tzer Yau (Harvard University) published a series of paper that proves the existence of a mathematical signature called “universality” which certifies that a material conducts electricity. 

A recent Quanta Magazine article stated, “The paper is the latest validation of a grand vision for quantum physics set forward in the 1960s by the famed physicist Eugene Wigner. Wigner understood that quantum interactions are too complicated to be described exactly, but he hoped the essence of those interactions would emerge in broad statistical strokes. This new work establishes that, to an extent that might have surprised even Wigner, his hope was well-founded.”

Read the full Quanta Magazine article to learn more.

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