Professor Artem Chernikov has been selected among the class of 2020 Simons Fellows in Mathematics for his project titled, “Model theory, groups and hypergraph combinatorics.” Artem’s research is focused on a systematic program of investigating these interactions, centered around the study of measures and various model-theoretic notions of dimension in tame classes of first-order structures (such as stable, distal, NIP, NTP2). Artem will also work on generalized “incidence bounds” in Erdős-style geometry and their relation to Zilber’s trichotomy phenomena and Hrushovski’s group configuration in various contexts (e.g. in strongly minimal or o-mininimal structures).

During the sabbatical period supported by the Simons fellowship, Artem plans to visit several universities around the world pursuing solo work and ongoing collaborations on the topics of the project.

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In the 2019 Putnam Mathematical Competition, the UCLA team (Ciprian Bonciocat, Jacob Zhang, Kaiqi Zhu) was ranked #4 out of 570 institutions.

Individually, Jacob Zhang received a prize for ranking 23 nationwide, and four others, Kaiqi Zhu (rank 34.5), Ciprian Bonciocat (rank 56.5), Runze Yu (rank 90.5), and Baiqing Zhu (rank 101), received honorable mentions. Other high scorers from UCLA (in the top 500 nationwide) were Bryan Hu, Arihant Jain, Chenfei Li, Isaac Li, Justin Li, Yuhan Liu, Tang Mohan, Alexandru Pascadi, Tachin Ruangkriengsin, Glenn Sun, Yan Tao, Ken Willyard, Alexander Wong, and Hongyu Zhu. A total of 36 UCLA students participated in the competition.

The Basil Gordon Prize, for the top scorer among UCLA students, will be awarded to Jacob Zhang.

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Professors Rowan Killip and Monica Visan have been selected for the Honorable Mention Outstanding Discovery Award for making the greatest research discovery in the Division of Physical Sciences in 2018-2019. Their major breakthrough was published in the Annals of Mathematics and describes the creation of a new method for tackling partial differential equations. 

Candidates were nominated by their department and chosen by a committee of Distinguished Professors across the departments in Physical Science. Rowan and Monica will receive their award at the Inaugural Physicial Sciences Award Banquet on April 4, 2020 at the Luskin Conference Center.

UCLA Mathematics Professor William Conley has been selected as the winner of the Inaugural Physical Science Centennial Excellence in Education Award for Senate Faculty. William is being recognized for “demonstrating the ability to create a learning environment in which diverse students can succeed.”

The Excellence in Education Award recognizes a senate faculty member who is nominated by their department for making a broad impact on classroom inclusivity and learning excellence. The award ceremony and banquet will take place on April 4, 2020 at the Physical Sciences Inaugural Centennial Celebration of Excellence in Discovery, Leadership, Mentorship, Education, Diversity and Inclusion.