Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2022

Welcome back, Everyone! 

The math department is bringing back teams for the Mathematical Contest in Modeling this year!  The three-day contest is from February 17th to 21st.  E-mail by January 14th if you are interested!


Hi everybody!

This year, the math department will be sponsoring a small number of teams (with 3 people per team) for the Mathematical Contest in Modeling:

It will take place 17-21, occupying almost the entirety of those days.

If you are potentially interested in being on a team, send an e-mail to to express interest. In your e-mail, please indicate which upper-division and graduate-level courses you have taken, what year you are at UCLA (preference will be given to people who are graduating sooner), and anything else that you think might be relevant. Please make sure to contact us by 14 January.

Have a Happy New Year!



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