Professor Khare awarded fellowship from the Simons Foundation

UCLA Mathematics Professor Chandrashekhar Khare has been awarded the 2021 fellowship from the Simons Foundation.

“Khare, a fellow of Britain’s Royal Society, is an expert on Galois representations and modular forms. He and the late French mathematician Jean-Pierre Wintenberger proved a conjecture that was widely considered unachievable. Khare and Wintenberger were awarded the 2011 Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory by the American Mathematical Society for their proof of Fields Medalist Jean-Pierre Serre’s modularity conjecture. The conjecture was first proposed in 1973 by Serre and has had an important impact in number theory. In 2004, Khare and Wintenberger astonished the mathematical community when they found a remarkable strategy for Serre’s conjecture.

The Simons Foundation fellowships enable outstanding scientists to focus solely on research for a year.”

To read the full UCLA Newsroom article, click here.

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