Financial Support

In recent years we have been able to guarantee 4 years of full financial support to almost all students admitted to the Ph.D. program. A 5th year of support is usually provided if the student is in good standing and advanced to candidacy. Guaranteed support provides income that is enough for living expenses (exact amounts vary from year to year), and in addition provides full registration fees, health insurance and, for students who are not residents of California, non-resident tuition. (US students are expected to establish California residency after their first year.) Financial support typically consists of a combination of teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA), and fellowships, including in some cases fellowships supported by NSF Research and Training Grants (RTG fellowships). Applicants are automatically considered for these kinds of support; no separate application is needed. Applicants are encouraged to separately apply for extramural fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, and the Hertz and Ford Fellowships.


The Department employs a number of students (both graduate and undergraduate) as readers to grade homework papers. All readers must have at least a 3.2 GPA and must have taken at least two years of college calculus. Applications are accepted at various times throughout the year.

Need-Based Financial Aid & Loans

The UCLA Financial Aid Office allocates funds to graduate students based on financial need. Such awards include long-term, low interest loans. Foreign students are not eligible. Interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office directly.

Extramural Support

Students interested in extramural fellowships should review the Graduate Division publication, Graduate and Postdoctoral Extramural Support or browse the GRAPES Database. Students can also contact the Special Fellowships Office. Students are encouraged to apply for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.