Graduate Student Travel Stipends

The Department of Mathematics offers a limited number of travel stipends for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers through the Barrett O’Neill Memorial Fund. This fund was provided by a generous donation by Barrett O’Neill’s wife, Hope O’Neill, and a number of Barrett O’Neill’s colleagues, relatives, and friends.

Barrett O’Neill was a member of the Department of Mathematics at UCLA for 60 years from 1951 to 2011 when he passed away.  He had a long and distinguished career as a researcher.  His work had a notable and lasting impact, in particular in the areas of differential geometry and general relativity.  He wrote three books on his research specialty and had eight PhD students.

The travel stipends are intended for young researchers who are working in differential geometry or a differential geometry-related field within the area of pure math.  The stipends typically do not exceed $500.  They are intended to assist more advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in these areas with travel expenses to present their work and research results at conferences and similar events.

Applicants for a travel stipend should contact the Graduate Vice Chair through Martha Contreras. They should provide a short justification for their request.  Students should also submit an endorsement by their thesis advisor or a faculty mentor.