AP Credit & Enrollment Information

UCLA Course Credit for AP Calculus Test

ScoreAB ExamBC Exam
5Credit for Math 31A.
(Enroll in Math 31B/3B)
Credit for Math 31A,31B.
(Enroll in Math 32A/3C)
4**Credit for 4 units of CalculusCredit for Math 31A and 4 units of Calculus.
(Enroll in Math 31B/3B)
3*Credit for 4 units of CalculusCredit for 8 units of Calculus
2*No college credit.No college credit.
1*No college credit.No college credit.

**Students taking the AB exam who receive 1, 2, 3 or 4 must take the Math Diagnostic Test.

*Students taking the BC exam who receive 1, 2, or 3 must take the Math Diagnostic Test.

Suggested Courses for Pre-Med Students

 UCLA Calculus SeriesIf you have a 5 on the AB Exam:If you have a 5 on the BC Exam:
(4 On the BC Exam, refer to AB Exam Info)
Applications to Medical School3 Series3B,3C, + one additional math3C, + two additional math
30 Series31B,32A,32B or 33A32A,32B,33A
Additional Math Courses3 SeriesOne from: Stats 10(H),11,M12,13,14 or PIC 10A,10B, 10CTwo from: Stats 10(H),11,M12,13,14 or PIC 10A,10B, 10C

Pre-med students should be aware that many medical schools do not recognize AP Calculus test scores as college unit credit. To fulfill your various major requirements and medical school entrance requirements we have suggested the courses above for you. If your major allows the 30 Series, you may want to consider taking the 30 Series instead of the 3 Series to satisfy the math requirement for virtually any medical school to which you apply. Most medical schools that do not recognize AP units will accept PIC and Stats courses as a substitute for the year of math. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the individual schools for specific information.

For more questions about medical school requirements, please feel free to contact the Career Center 501 Westwood Plaza (at Strathmore), Floors Two and Three at (310) 206-1915. You may also go to their web site at www.career.ucla.edu for extensive information on pre-health requirements. Courses in the 3 Series: 3A,3B,3C. Courses in the 30 Series: 31A,31B,32A,32B,33A,33B.

Once you have credit for 31A/31B through AP credit, transfer credit, or by taking the course(s) at UCLA, you will not receive unit credit for 3A/3B.