Undergraduate Unofficial Waitlist - Spring 2022

Welcome to the UCLA Math Department’s unofficial upper division waitlist!

This is the only Math Department unofficial waitlist for upper division math courses. 

Submitting Your Request:
  • Submitting a request to be added onto the unofficial waitlist does not guarantee enrollment.
  • A general updated status of the unofficial waitlist will be posted once a business day here.
  • Only one submission per lecture is allowed.  Once you do this, you remain on the list for that course. Multiple submissions will not increase your likelihood of enrollment.
Granting Enrollment:
  • When a spot is granted, you will automatically be enrolled and notified via the e-mail address you provided.
    • If a problem arises while we attempt to enroll you in a class (you already enrolled in the same class but different lecture, over unit max, holds on your record), you will be e-mailed to fix the problem and given 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, we will move on to the next person on the waiting list.
  • Please make sure you have enough units available in your study list for us to fulfill your request.  We can not override the unit maximum limits.  
  • Regardless of the point in time in which you submitted your request to the unofficial waitlist, your place on the waitlist will be determined by a number of factors, including: class standing, major, term of graduation, etc.
  • We will not over enroll a class if there are other open lectures of the same class.  
Class Attendance:
  • You should attend class so that you are up to date with the course material if you are granted enrollment into the course.  In addition, instructors are usually more willing to expand their courses for students who have been attending class.  
  • It is your responsibility to let the instructor know that you are not officially enrolled in the class and are waiting for a spot.
  • Professors have the right to not allow students attend their class if they are not officially enrolled.

If you  no longer want to be considered for the waitlist, please submit your request to ugrad@math.ucla.edu with your name, student ID number and request.

For any questions please contact the office via ugrad@math.ucla.edu